Rosemoor RHS Gardens, Devon

Red flowering bush The Rosemoor Gardens are situated in a valley near Torrington, spanning both sides of the A3124. Most of the garden sections are devoted to flowering plants, but there are also some fruit and vegetable sections. If you want to see all the gardens, it is suggested that you start in the ‘far’ section at the other side of the road through the tunnel. This is the original part of the gardens and contains the original house. The house is not interesting and is converted into holiday lets.
Plants are mostly labelled so that you can identify them and maybe buy a specimen in the shop. The gardens contain both formal and informal plantings. On arrival you will probably be handed a leaflet with a numbered trail to visit interesting plants in bloom. This is a way of touring the garden if you don’t want to look at everything.
The gardens are well worth a visit if you are a serious gardener.
Parking – the car park is on the left as you arrive, but if you have a problem with going there, note that the ‘Accessibility’ parking to the right includes spaces that can be used by the non-disabled as required.

Tulipa Biflora plants
Tulipa Biflora
Gooseberry 'Black Velvet'
Gooseberry ‘Black Velvet’
Berberis darwinii bush
Berberis darwinii
Scilla siberica ‘Spring Beauty’
Anenome x lipsensis 'Pallidia'
Anenome x lipsensis ‘Pallidia’

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