HMS Belfast, London

It’s a while since I visited HMS Belfast, but I remember it was an interesting visit. It’s one of the few surviving British WWII warships of any size, and most parts of the ship are accessible, including the command and control spaces, the engine and boiler rooms, and the insides of the gun turrets. The 6” guns were aimed at the London Gateway M1 service area on the outskirts of London :-).
During the war, the ship saw active service in a number of campaigns, and also saw active service in the Korean war.
The ship is moored on the Thames near London Bridge. It is in the care of the Imperial War Museum.
A cautionary note: warships have lots of steep ladders and narrow spaces.

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  1. This is a great attaction. The ladders are great for kids. My daughter had a great morning climbing up and down, into the depths of the ship. Lots of neat displays throughout, lots to learn, all very well laid out. Highly recommended.

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