St Mary’s Church, Honeychurch, Devon

This church is notable for its unusually small size and its age. A Saxon church, Huna’s Church, stood on this site, but was completely replaced in the 12th century by a Norman church, much of which still stands today. The church was altered and improved in the late 15th century, giving it its present perpendicular style aspect, but has been little altered since. The parish was very small, and remains so to this day.
Notable feature inside include a wall painting, seemingly of the Royal Coat of Arms from the Elisabethan period, some very old oak pews, and the wagon-style nave ceiling with carved wooden bosses, all different. Those interested in such things can purchase a booklet about the church. Services are monthly.

Church interior
West (tower) end
Church interior
East (chancel) end
Wall painting
Elizabethan wall painting
Nave ceiling

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