Severn Valley Railway

This preserved steam railway runs from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster. There are 6 stations and about 16 miles of track. It recreates the feel of railway travel of a past era quite well. The line has been prone to landslips, and if I remember correctly, there were places where the train trundled slowly past the greenery and one could see trackside fittings that had obviouly moved several feet laterally. Near the tracks there are various things to look at, including The Engine House, a new museum and visitor centre, and touristy stuff in the towns along the line. The line now carries around 250,000 passengers annually. At one time there was an annual folk festival at Bridnorth, and they had a Folk Train excursion to pubs with folk music sessions in a couple of picturesque towns down the line. We got to play music on the train too. You could have a similar inebriated outing – just leave out the folk music.

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